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Choose Cost-Effective Concrete Pulverizing in Oakland, CA

What’s the best way to keep roads and parking lots in their best condition? While filling in cracks and seal coating serve as preventative solutions, sometimes a surface is too damaged for these actions to have any positive effect. In these cases, it would take more time and money to repair the hard surface than does performing a full replacement. Investing in concrete pulverizing in Oakland, CA offers a cost-effective way to rehabilitate a road or parking lot with minimal traffic disruption.

Since 1991, the dedicated contractors at A C Paving have strived to improve the ground beneath our clients’ feet by delivering quality concrete paving and parking lot striping work. Part of that work includes performing asphalt removal to make room for new property additions or to restore the safety and smoothness of public roads. See how quickly we can perform a full-scale restoration of your asphalt or concrete surface when you put your project in our capable hands.

What is Concrete Pulverization

Concrete pulverizing is the process of grinding up old, existing surface layers right in place and blending these ground-up materials with any sub-layers to create a new paving mix. Contrary to popular belief, no pavement is hauled away, which saves business owners the costs of having to excavate old asphalt or concrete and truck it off to a recycling plant.

Notably, concrete pulverizing solves several aesthetic issues such as severe cracking and sharp edges that get created from regular wear and tear. Best of all, it’s a fast and environmentally responsible choice. Unlike with traditional asphalt removal, the new base materials don’t have to be brought in and are instead created on-site. If you’re looking to make an eco-friendly property investment that continues to pay dividends long after it’s finished, our skilled asphalt contractors are here to help.

Finishing Off Your Refurbished Road or Parking Lot

No asphalt or concrete paving job is complete without proper striping. When you’re looking for a team capable of striping a parking lot or a public road, we have your needs covered. When we handle your concrete work, we always make a point to deliver a high-quality solution that satisfies your every need. Count on us to mark where it’s appropriate to drive on your property or to stripe your municipal paving project.

Contact our paving company to replace your old hard surface with our concrete pulverization services. We proudly serve clients in Oakland, Alameda, San Joaquin, Contra Costa, Fremont, California, and the surrounding areas.